Fluid transfer systems


These are the systems where all or part of the process components are produced in the factory on a base frame and after all required function and fluid tests are performed, the systems are only assembled and integrated in the field. CAF Industrial has the ability of manufacture and design any kind of skid required in industrial facilities.


(1) They are self-independent systems; it can easily be transported to another place. 2) Easy to be installed. (3) Easy to access. (4) It saves time due to producing outside the facility. (5) It comes to the facility as tested. (6) The factory environment provides a controlled and quality production. (7) It provides 24% cost savings compared to traditional production.

Skid types

Petroleum and petroleum derivative skids, transfer skids, dosing skids, pump skids, mixing skids, loading and unloading skids, treatment skids, oil process skids, chemical process skids, decomposition skids, ash transfer system skids, sludge transfer skids, clean and wastewater skids.


Pumps, flowmeters, tanks, heat exchangers, filters, valves, tubings, instruments, control panels, air eliminator tanks, separator centrifuges and separators etc. equipment

Fluid transfer systems


Project Design

CAF Industrial provides calculation reports, documentation and design services for the applicatio of fluid transfer systems in industrial facilities, prepare basic design, detail design, hydraulic calculations, "as-built" projects and reports in related standards.

CAF Industrial designs and conceptualizes the projects of transfer systems of following types of fluids; fuel, diesel oil, fuel oil, jet oil, oil and all petroleum and derivative fuel, ash sludge, gypsum, demineralized water production, cooling water transfer and turbination, boiler feed water and pump, recirculation water, fuel pumps in refinery plants, jet fuel in military and civil transportation facilities, boiler dosing in thermal power plants, vacuum pump units, agricultural irrigation, acid and chemical, dewatering in mine facilities, fuel treatment units.

Production and Integration

CAF Industrial performs fluid and functional tests of all the equipments it manufactures and makes the integration, in its production facility in the Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone (DOSB) in Istanbul. During the production and integration of all systems, besides of the internal quality control procedures, other quality control processes requested by the customer are operated effectively and high quality products are constituted.


CAF Industrial supplies necessary heavy-duty pumps and electromechanical components of fluid transfer systems and treatment units in power plants, refineries, chemical facilities, mining facilities, iron and steel production facilities, shipyards, cargo ships, military facilities and other industrial facilities.

CAF Industrial consists of the strongest bond in the supply chain and acts with the principle of "production does not wait". It ensures fast supply system with its ability to realize spare parts supply within 72 hours by using all the products of the world brands it represents in the sector and maintains customer satisfaction. Having a good knowledge of the products represents a value proposition that is offered to the customer for the supplied product and whose added value is invaluable. CAF Industrial’s engineer team provide procurement, maintenance and repair services with fastest feedback and optimum solutions to the customer by high knowledge on the spare parts of all products of the world brands it represents

Fluid transfer systems