First applications in Turkey with 'Compressed Air Foam' transformer protection


Turkey Electricity Transmission Company - TEİAŞ, is the organization that performs the transmission and distribution of electricity to the network in Turkey. CAF Industrial has established the fire fighting systems of more than 10 transformer stations of TEİAŞ during the installation process of the facilities that has been newly established.

Compressed air foam application for the oil type transformers and low pressure carbon dioxide (LPCO2) systems for the electric rooms and cable galeries have been established.

CAF Industrial has implemented each system for the all facilities during the solution phase, thus it has established an integrated fire fighting system in high risk areas. The system designs of the projects have been made according to NFPA and EN standards and the compliance of these systems has been approved by CFPS certified consultants. These facilities, have also a significant feature as having the first Compressed Air Foam applications in substations in Turkey.

A success story in the international arena


POSCO Engineering & Construction which is the main contractor of Khabat Energy Production Facility with 2X150 MW installed power, affiliated to Northern Iraq Regional Administration Ministry of Electricity, requested for proposal to the subcontractor of GAMA Power company for the 'fuel-oil & diesel-oil unloading skid’ project. CAF Industrial was the only Turkish company among the international companies, and has been awarded for the project. After a comprehensive and detailed preliminary study and project design, Turkish engineers and workers completed all the skid manufacturing and tests in CAF Industrial’s factory shop in Istanbul. Skid's settlement and assembly in the facility has been concluded perfectly and again on-site, tests have been performed. CAF Industrial proceeds to develop successful and exemplary projects competing in international arena for skid mounted productions.

Energy efficiency and performance all together


Orhaneli Thermal Power Plant, Turkey’s 16th largest thermal power plant, has 210 MW power and the capacity to produce 1.4 KWh electricity per year. CAF Industrial has provided a significant energy effiency by replacing the existing boiler feed water pump systems within the scope of efficiency studies of the plant that turned 25 years old in 2017.

With the replacement of 2 main boiler feed water pumps together with motors and drivers, and implementation of VDFs instead of hydraulic couplings, the installed motor power of 2 pumps was reduced from 4.1 MW to 2.5 MW while maintaining the same capacity, flow and delivery head performance. CAF Industrial has provided an effective and permanent contribution to the sustainability of the power plant by conducting a particular work from the engineering to the design, production to the assembly and performance tests of the project.